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“I was hit on the freeway while riding my motorcycle. I reached out to Jacob shortly after, he took on my case and led me in the right direction. He took care of all of the administrative issues and even referred me to a speciality doctor. If I would have settled my case with the insurance alone I would have received a fraction of what he was able to get me. Highly recommend him, already referred him to a couple of friends.”
O. Hernandez

This client was hit on his motorcycle while lane splitting. Fortunately, he was able to control his bike, but did suffer whiplash and abrasions in the process.

“I am extremely grateful to Jacob. He brought closure to my family in a very difficult time. He handled my grandmother’s case with dignity and compassion. He treats his clients with respect and is in constant communication with him. He is efficient and professional. He made an emotional painful process bearable. Jake was always available to answer questions and is extremely knowledgeable in elder abuse cases. He made it so that the nursing home would take responsibility for their actions. I was very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Jake.”

S. Reyes

This client’s grandmother suffered pressure ulcers and was made to sit in her own feces and urine for extended periods of time by a neglectful nursing home. The nursing home also dropped her, resulting in a hip fracture.

“I was involved in a motorcycle wreck in 2015 and was quickly connected with Jacob Stipp through a friend of mine. The first thing I noticed about Jake was how concerned he was about my health. He told me that the paperwork will always be there but first and foremost my most important job was to get back to full strength.  He handled absolutely everything when it came to the case.

I am the kind of guy who likes to know what is happening at every step of the process and the great part about Jake was that he was only a call or email away. His team would do periodic check ins to see how I was feeling and they would answer any and all of my questions extremely quickly.

I would recommend Jacob Stipp to any and all of my friends and family if something ever happened to them.

I really hope I never get into a wreck and need Jake’s services again, but if I do, I know without a doubt I will call Jacob Stipp again. I had enough to worry about after my accident and no one knew that more than Jake. So if you want a guy who will take the pain out of that part of the process, call Jacob Stipp.”

S. Tirman

This client was involved in a motorcycle accident where liability was disputed.

” Jake Stipp assisted me along with a few other family members on an incident that resulted in a law suit. He was very professional throughout the entire process. He made all of us feel safe, secure & justified. No question was a dumb question for Jake and that’s what I liked the most. I always refer Jake to anyone I know that needs any legal advice, because that’s how much I trust him. I know if it’s something that he cannot help out with, I know he’ll find the right person for the job! Please reach out to him with any questions or concerns you may have…. ”

S. Kaapana

This family was at a San Diego brew pub to celebrate Valentine’s Day when a group of intoxicated customers attacked for no reason. The pub had far less security than was required by law and knew the dangerous tendencies of the assailants. The family ended up with head injuries and emotional distress.

” Jake knowledge and experience turned a very difficult process into a bearable one. He made it so that the nursing home and hospital had to finally provide answers that were previously requested by my family for a year to no avail about my Grandmother’s death. Jake was relentless in holding the hospital and the insurance company responsible which was vital in the closure my family or any family in that situation will need. He did this while effectively communicating with my family about the very complicated legal process. He was only our Attorney for the short duration of the case but he is considered family now. ”

D. Johnson

This client’s grandmother suffered pressure sores, dehydration, malnutrition and an overall worsening of her medical condition while in the hands of a skilled nursing facility.

” I hired Jacob Stipp back in 2014 after I was involved in a freeway accident. I had no clue what to do or how I was even going to do it. From the moment I called and spoke with him, it was nothing but exceptional! I have been through a similar situation before and quite honestly, I was never able to speak with my lawyer directly. He took his time to speak with me, told me not to worry and he handled it all! Although I called the office to ask a few questions which were answered by someone, Jake was very personable and by calling and/or emailing me directly which made me feel like I was his only client. I cannot say this for others and this alone, by far puts Jacob on the forefront in that he stands out from others. From follow up phone calls and emails, Jacob was always on time and extremely professional. He made me feel comfortable from day one. I would highly recommend Jacob Stipp, as I have already for my brother and will continue. Mr. Jacob Stipp, THANK YOU SIR for your kindness and attention to detail. The world needs more caring lawyers such as yourself!!! ”

M. Ybarra

This client was injured in a car accident on the freeway.

” Jake did a great job representing me in my personal injury case. He was extremely professional, always available, and very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. ”

C. Couper

This client was stabbed at a popular hotel in downtown San Diego at a New Year’s Eve party. The hotel had far less security than was required by law.

” Jake Stipp has (believe it or not) been my attorney for several cases. I was referred to him by a family member, after they were in a car crash and he was able to get her the hip surgery that was needed from the crash. He is an amazing person. Hard working, dedicated and pretty much wins every time. He’s constantly in communication with you, and lets you know what’s going on. I would recommend Jake Stipp to anyone looking for an attorney that’s going to get a job DONE! ”

C. Crehan

We have represented this client on a couple of car accident cases in which she was injured due to no fault of her own.

” In my opinion, Jake Stipp was an extremely wise choice for me to make. I was injured in September 2013 and never anticipated needing an attorney…until I encounter a brick wall with my own insurer. My insurance company was a huge one, but not at all responsive to my needs/injuries. So, I contact Jake Stipp. He literally took my troubles away and got me much needed results. Needless to say, I did what he told me with medical care, etc. and a little over a year later, there was a very healthy settlement in my favor. I continue to recommend Jake as a results-oriented professional who displays compassion for his clients. ”

L. Bartoli

This client suffered a major hip injury when she was hit by a truck.

” Jake was amazing he listen to our issue with the other issuance company and he got us what we were asking for when it came to our medical bills and our emotional distress. He did not let the other insurance company bully us and stood firm on our demands. Even when the mediator was telling us to settle Jake never back down and stood tall for what we knew we deserved. We got what we wanted and all thanks to Jake ! ”

R. Martinez

This client and her husband were rear-ended by a drunk driver the day after their wedding, causing them physical injuries, emotional distress and they weren’t able to go on their honeymoon.

” Jake saved us a ton of aggravation, time, & money when we were in a car accident. We were 100% not at fault and even though the insurance companies on both sides agreed on this from the outset, they all tried to subvert and minimize our basic claims to be made whole.

Jake was extremely responsive and spent the time to educate us on the specifics of the law and processes that we would be encountering. He ended up more than once pointing out to the insurance companies that they didn’t even use the right state’s laws in their denial of claims, a fact we would never have known had we handled this ourselves.

We highly recommend Jake. ”

P. Lehner

This client and his wife were rear-ended on the freeway in a high speed collision. Both suffered physical and emotional distress.

” Mr. Jacob S. is an efficient attorney, he negotiated a good settlement, he returned promptly phone calls, I’m satisfied with his job. If I ever need an attorney I will hire him again, and I will recommend him to my family. ”

A. Evans

This client suffered a fall incident on the steps of a strip mall due to dangerous stairs and no handrail.

” Jake is very efficient, professional, and compassionate. My case was handled swiftly and thoroughly with full return. Jake was always there to answer any questions I had before I even knew to ask them. When other surgeons were failing me, Jake was kind and compassionate enough to recommend me to a prime surgeon that was able to make the world of a difference for my condition. A jester that’s benefits will last me the rest of my life. Jake isn’t just some attorney looking for a quick paycheck. He’s a good person that actually cares for his client’s well-being and I would highly recommend him to anyone. ”

C. McFarlin

This client suffered a major foot and knee injury when a truck ran a red light and hit him on his motorcycle.

“Jacob Stipp sets the bar unattainably high when it comes to professionalism and ethics.. Jake is a perfectionist at work and wins!
He showed me that there are lawyers out there that you can really trust and depend on when things go terribly wrong. He has made the legal process painless and I truly feel that I am in the most capable of hands.
Unlike the stereotypical lawyer, Jake really does care and he will fight for you. You won’t be disappointed.”
C. McKinney

This young lady was rear-ended and suffered neck and back injuries.

“PROFESSIONALISM AT ITS BEST. Mr. Stipp handled my injury case with great care right off the bat. He made sure I received the proper medical care to recover, and subsequently reached a fair settlement. I valued his responsiveness, and making this ordeal a seamless one.”

M. Kayiran

This gentleman was rear-ended while waiting to get on the freeway. He suffered neck and back injuries.