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What Should I Do If I Suspect Elder Abuse Or Nursing Home Neglect?

When we help our elderly loved ones move into assisted living homes, we expect them to receive the care they need and to be protected. Unfortunately, as many as 90% of nursing home residents report that either they or another nursing home resident have suffered from neglect. Another 40% have also reported abuse.

But what can you do to help once you’ve recognized that your loved one may be a victim of elder abuse and/or nursing home neglect?

How To Report Elder Abuse And Nursing Home Neglect
Many cases of elder abuse and neglect go undetected and untreated every year. In fact, despite the vast majority of nursing home residents reporting neglect, only 2 million cases of elder abuse cases are filed every year in the United States.

When you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected, it’s essential that you first begin to document the signs. Take note of your loved one’s behavior and write down descriptions of their injuries and statements from the victim.

If you can, get written statements from witnesses and take photographs of your loved one’s injuries. The more evidence you gather, the more quickly your elder abuse lawyer will be able to handle your case later on.

After you’ve documented your loved one’s injuries and accounts, consider contacting your state’s long-term care ombudsman. An ombudsman program works to resolve complaints of residents who live in assisted living homes and nursing homes.

However, it should be noted that if the abuse is severe or your loved one is in immediate danger at the hands of their abuser, you should call 911. The police will investigate the crime and be able to report possible signs of abuse before your loved one could be severely hurt.

Finally, consider contacting an elder abuse attorney. An elder abuse attorney knows the laws of your area and knows how to navigate elder abuse and neglect cases.

Elder abuse and neglect is a heinous crime that deserves justice on behalf of the victim. If you or an elderly loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact the law offices of Stipp Law Firm for a consultation today.